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TISCO Chairman Li Xiaobo Visited Daming

Chairman of TISCO Li Xiaobo, Minister of Planning and Development Department Jiang Changhong, Minister of financial department Lihua, Director of Stainless steel cold rolling mill Xu Shufeng, Minister of Marketing department Shang Jiajun and Manager of TISCO’s sales company in East of China Zhao Weiguo visited Daming on April 14th and were warmly received by President of Daming Zhou Keming, Vice President Zou Xiaoping, Production Technical Director Tang Zhonghai, General Manager of Daming Heavy Industry Wangjian, General Manager of Jiangsu Daming Fu Jingqin, General Manager of Daming Technology Situ Shunxin, Marketing director of Daming Group Zhangfeng and General Manager of Carbon business department Chenning.


President Zhou Keming showed Li Xiaobo and his delegate around the workshops of Daming Heavy Industry and Daming Technology and explained the construction process, facilities, processing items and market development of Daming Jingjiang Base.


Later, President Zhou Keming introduced the operation status of Daming Jingjiang Baseand developmental strategic plan of Daming International Holdings. Chairman Li Xiaobo expressed approval of the forward-looking strategic layout, operation and development mode of Daming International holdings and showed positive views about the machining platforms that provided professional supporting services for petrochemical equipment, LNG/LPG, ships, marine facilities etc, and the two sides expressed their desire for further cooperation.


Together with the mills, Daming Jingjiang Base will make good use of deep processing capability and build more professional platforms to provide higher quality service for high-end industry and major projects.